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Product Description

The Scripps Experimental Climate Prediction Center (ECPC) produces daily, weekly and monthly forecasts relevant to fire management planning. Two types of forecasts are currently being offered. One type is produced by a global model having a grid resolution of approximately 200 km. The other type is produced by a regional model which is based on the global version but at a higher resolution (50 km for the U.S., and 25 km for California and the Southwest). The model produces several forecast variables. Those of interest to fire management are directly linked through CEFA's web site. These particular variables include precipitation, temperature (2 meters above ground), relative humidity (2 meters above ground), wind speed (10 meters above ground), and a fire weather index. Both actual values and anomalies (departures from a mean) are offered in metric units. For both weekly and monthly forecasts, it may be more relevant for the user to track trends in the anomalies rather than specific anomaly values. This is especially true for the global products due to their large sized grids which only accounts for coarse topography. Daily and weekly forecasts are provided in our operational section, and weekly and monthly forecasts in our assessment section. To see the entire ECPC forecast grids, go directly to the ECPC site via the link in the left frame or in our links section.

Additional background on the forecast products

The complete ECPC forecast grid